Introduction to Family Law – Family Law and Divorce

The legal world is broken up into specific niches. The most commonly known are the fields of criminal and civil law where people are either accused of crimes or sued for money, respectively. Family law has become much more prominent as a field in the last forty years and we take a look at it in this article.Ask someone what family law is all about and one word is continually mentioned – divorce. This is hardly a surprise since divorce is a part of the field and tends to get much more attention because it can be very splashy such as when two celebrities decided to call it quits. Ironically, the first legal issue a couple may face is not divorce, but prenuptial agreements before they actually wed. Regardless, both are considered the bedrocks of family law. That doesn’t mean they are the only legal niches.A divorce with a childless couple is one thing, but a divorce where kids involved is another. There is a small library of law in each state dealing with the two subjects that inevitably pop up. The first is child custody where the divorcing parents try to work out who the child will live with and how often the other spouse will get to see them. The second issue is child support where the court has to order one spouse to provide the other with compensation for caring for the child.There is a certain negative connotation to the above three areas and rightly so. Our last area, however, is all positive. Adoption is considered a part of the family law niche and is critical in that it places orphans with parents desiring a child. It is literally a match made in heaven, a definite win -win. Attorneys providing adoption services consistently rate as the most satisfied it the practice of law. There are other odds and ends when it comes to family law, but these are the big four. This is often viewed as a brutal area of the law, but it need not be as adoption services can show.

3 Things To Consider Before Hiring A Family Law Attorney – Family Law and Divorce

If you or someone you love is considering a divorce, there are a few things you will want to be mindful of before embarking down that path. We will cover three specific things you should consider before hiring a divorce attorney.ExperienceOne of the most important factors to consider when looking at a divorce is the experience of the attorney or firm you are considering. The last thing you want is to hire an inexperienced legal team or solo attorney. They may come across well when you meet them, but if they don’t understand the subtle nuances of divorce law in the real world, you may want to consider looking elsewhere.Hiring a legal representative just out of law school might save you a few dollars on their retainer fees, but it could cost you a whole lot more than that in frustration or a potential poor experience.ProfessionalismJust like physicians, attorneys come in all varieties. You will find some lawyers or law firms are more personable, more cordial or more friendly than others. When assessing your possible new legal team, you want to make sure that you feel comfortable with them, since they are going to be handling such an important aspect of your life.The bottom line is you should like and trust the lawyer or firm that you hire to represent you because you have a lot riding on the line so to speak. The moment you feel uncomfortable with them (before hiring them), you should speak up and say so.CompassionCompassion is another important aspect you should keep in mind when hiring a family law professional. Do they sound sympathetic to your cause or situation, or do they come across as terse, abrupt or even rude.No one enjoys going through a family separation or divorce and so making sure you choose a compassionate leg representative will help you endure the sometimes long, difficult process.Finally, you should know that there are other factors you need to keep in mind before hiring an attorney including but not limited to their fees, their location and most of all their reviews from other satisfied clients.At the end of the day, hiring the right firm can make all the difference in such a trying and challenging time. Try not to focus on the “expense”, especially when hiring a more prominent firm, rather focus on the big picture of what we have discussed today when you do finally make your decision.